chapter 1

To anonymous,

It’s too sunny nowadays. Really hate that when something gets over. Too chilly –I freeze to death, too hot – I feel I’ll melt down, to rainy…..aaargh I hate that humid weather. That’s why my favorite weather is autumn and spring. I love rains too but I can’t stand that humidity.

Have you ever wondered that a season can show so many moods? Summer can either mean a pleasant feeling or a gust of anger. Winter can mean either a person being cold or a person who is bold, outgoing and cool personality just like a those winds that send shudders through your spine. Rainy means sadness and a gloomy personality or a graceful one. Spring is either the best personality who is neither too cold nor too hot or either a person who is interfering as spring is the break between summer and winter.

It depends on the way you see life. As that story goes, the glass is half filled for some and half empty for someone. It’s your view whether its life or it’s a person. Nobody’s perfect. There are lumps in every pudding. Before judging someone we must remember that even we have something in us that others don’t like. But there are some people whom you look at from any side they look-alike.

It happened so that I had a very close friend Ann. We met each other in elementary school but we became quite fast friends in the after three years. I had a great time with her and Angela. But as the middle school began I saw how those moments were washed down by time. I was shocked and amazed to see how much a person can change over two years. When I heard that she was about to leave the school I and Angela cried a lot. But know we use to laugh it off that how stupid we were to waste our tears for someone who never cared.

Teenage is the time when we get emotionally attached to anything and almost everything. We feel as if that the people we meet are forever to stay. But it’s not always so. And when we face the truth it’s not the fault of the person who betrayed because he never cared. It’s the fault of the person who got betrayed as he got too attached to the one who never cared.

Instead of flowing with the stream of emotions we should be practical. Never indulge in anything until and unless you are mentally prepared to face the consequence. Remember that a person never change but his thinking changes. Then why not set your mind and prepare it. Que sera sera. We can’t avoid anything what has to be. One day or the other we will come across a person for whom our practical thinking will give up. Just remember that everyone faces such situation so it’s better to face it in teenage, as it is we will forget about it after a year or so. Just want to share a quote.

”Sometimes, you gotta teach yourself how to get up from a hard fall… cuz if you call for someone’s help… they just might push you back down…. “

I’m really hungry right now. I’ll write you soon. Wait for my next letter.

Yours lovingly,



2 Responses to “chapter 1”

  1. vineeta srivastava October 30, 2011 at 9:29 am #

    B+++ yes it is energy of life…..

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