chapter 6

To anonymous,

So today we had our teacher’s day. It was really awesome. Except for the cake on my face, I enjoyed each and every moment. My hair, they were dirty, tangled and layered with cake. I took a long time to satisfy myself that each strand of my hair is clean. I had a lot of fun with Angela, Andrea, Sabrina, Stella, Sophia and Rebecca. They are a real sport and when it came to cake fight, the leave me far behind.

How odd is it…. Sometimes there are a few of them who make me sick, but when they become normal, I just get, you know, kind of brain wash. I try my best to remain cross so as to make them realize their mistake, but I can’t. That is what happens in friendships. If you are friends for more than a year, and you are really good friends, even though you discover changes in them, you get sick of them, want to shout at them but can’t. You have the guts to do so but you can’t. That one year is far too much stronger than those changes in months. No matter how much they piss you but you can’t let go.

Friends are drugs. You get addicted to them. You always want them and have them when you are happy or sad. They make you forget all your fears and sorrows. What fascinates me is that we have so many friends and they are not alike. There is always a vivid variety. They are like flavors of ice creams. They all differ from each other and you enjoy a lot when you have them. I’ve got an idea. Have a look at this.

Strawberry – sweet and supporting

Chocolate – lovable and fun to be with

Vanilla – mature and honest

Black currant – playful and lively

Butterscotch – understanding and patient

Tutti-frutti – always there for you even at midnight

I consider myself lucky because I have all these flavors and many more in my life. A simple but sweet quote, “Love demands infinitely less than friendship”. I must stop now. I’ve got loads of work to do. Wait for my next letter.

Yours lovingly,



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