chapter 3

To anonymous,

I’ve joined the basketball practices again. Although I’m not like Theodora and Leah, the athletes of our batch but I enjoy basketball and on top of it I’ve read that it makes one taller. It’s not that I’m a midget, but I don’t rely on my genes as much as I do on badminton and basketball. Right now my entire batch mates are nearly about the same so it does not matters much but there will be a time when our looks and shape will matter a lot.

I always wonder is beauty really better than brains…..sometimes I find this saying absurd but the other times I find it the truth of today’s life. We all go through a phase of life when we see people being rejected just because they are not good-looking. There is a saw, ‘do not judge a book by its cover’. They also say that looks will fade with time. Still the first thing we notice about someone is their looks. We reject others and don’t want ourselves to be rejected.

Even in movies, the lead star is the heart throb. They don’t get movies because they are well-behaved but they get offers for their looks on which this generation is flattered. It’s true that if we love an actor he/she is on the top and if we don’t, they are nowhere to be seen. It’s the public which makes them popular and the media which gives them the limelight.

Sorry if I was jumping from one topic to another. They all are so interconnected. Each one makes me remind of the other. There’s a lot going on in school, from winners to losers, from Olympiads to exams, from breakups to a new beginning. All this makes my head heavy. As soon as the teacher leaves, my mates start their storytelling. All I need to do is to give a nod or exclaim even if I’m not hearing. The best exclamation is ‘really?’ as it suits almost every situation. Still if I find that the tone of the other person is changing due to my absent-mindedness then I start paying a little heed to their words and try to give better exclamations. Else I know I’ll become a new gossip that I’m day dreaming and all that idiotic stuff. This quote is awesome.

“Why should I do my makeup?
Why should I do my hair?
It’s not like tomorrow
you will suddenly start to care”

I’m feeling dizzy. I think I need some rest. Sadly tomorrow is Sunday. I hate holidays. I got to go. I will write you soon. Wait for my next letter.

Yours lovingly,




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