Chapter 19

To Anonymous,

First day at school today. Most of the teachers went for checking the boards papers. We really got bored. There was nothing to do the whole day. Just walk, walk and walk. Even the classroom we are allotted is quite warm. This is really uncomfortable in this scorching heat of summer.

I am still not sure whether I’ll continue with my section or not. Although I have got really good teachers but still I don’t have many friends there . I know the most integral part are the teachers. But it would be quite hard to live without any friends. I mean I have a few, well I must say I know almost the whole class but when it comes to leisure time, like the free periods, I seriously can’t imagine being without my pals. I have one of my friends, who I know since kindergarten, but she is going to get her section changed for the sake of her friends. But that’s still probable.

We humans, although we don’t admit it, but all of us are fickle minded. We can’t take our decisions but we never stay back in advising and suggesting others what they are supposed to do. I find it funny. It happens with us every now and then but only a few admit. When it comes to our troubles, we get depressed, can’t think of any way out, get tensed and beg for advice.

But when it comes to the problems of others, we are there to advice them and suggest the craziest way out, even if they do not ask us.

Even I have been advising one of my friends for her birthday coming this month. She just laughs off my silly opinions. But when it comes to take these decisions on my own, I call as many as possible to ask what should I do next. But these are just some daily chores. We have to chisel ourselves for the upcoming big decisions that will be the landmark of our life. The world is too practical and there are some decisions when we can trust no one and take them very wisely. But even if we fail, we shouldn’t lose hope. Every problem has a solution, or it wouldn’t have existed. All we need to do is use our brains and not to panic.

I think I need to pack up for tomorrow. It’s 10 p.m. and I got to pack my bag. I’ll try to write you soon.

“At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”

Yours lovingly,



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