Chapter 18

To Anonymous,

It has been such a long time since i have written to you. Annual day’ exams, friends, much has happened. I cant decide what to write and where to start from. Let bygones be bygones. Guess what? My characters are disclosed to almost everyone. Yeah, right. My friends have guessed what part do they play in this journey. So i decided to twist my stories a little. I don’t want any of them to feel bad but at the same time if i don’t spill out all those suffocating conclusions it will make me sick.

So from tomorrow starts my new session. I still can’t believe I’m in class 9th. It makes me feel like I am growing too quick. New session, new friends, new teachers. So much to begin with. I am quite excited right now and a bit nervous for tomorrow. I’m pretty sad to because almost all my friends have been shuffled and are not in my section. But that is how it is supposed to be. Meeting new people.

But the sadder part is that some of my close friends, whom I was really close to, have left school. One of them is still in the city. She has gone to CBSE board. Another one whom I met this year only is going to a boarding school. I will miss her badly because she’ll come only during vacations. Another one has gone to Delhi to live with his father and as it is Delhi has the best schools in the country.

It will be difficult for the boarding girl. She is  very optimistic and cheerful. But now all I hear is her voice crying. Its really amazing how someone can change or influence you in such a short time. We met in July. Indulged in pity quarrels. Well not exactly me and her. But yes there was a period of cold war between her and the whole class. She tried to fit in the picture of our school and said something that she thought will make her popular. Not exactly popular but I should say will make her sound tubular.

But then she understood that she didn’t had to do it. We ended up being great friends. She is a sport. If you ever came to our school, you’ll find her jumping in the corridors. I am going to miss those crazy things we did together. But people say soon she’ll forget you and you’ll forget her. Maybe that is true. Human nature is incomprehensible. Time overtakes all emotions.

It’s sad but true, we make promises and we break them. We say we’ll meet again and don’t recognize the people whom we were close to. But that is how life goes on. Forget the past, move ahead, live in the present and make it a good memory at least for yourself. Because the more we live in the past the more difficulties we have to make our present brighter. So now I have decided that I won’t let those silly, old issues come and distract me from my aim.

Got a big day tomorrow. I think it’s time for me to wind up and get ready for tomorrow. This year I am going t o give my 100%. And I hope my friends who went for a better future also succeed in shaping their personalities and future. I’ll try to write you soon.

“Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.”  ~Voltaire

Yours lovingly,



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