chapter 15

To anonymous,

Well there is nothing going around. So I don’t have much stuff to share. But yes we got our result. I am quite satisfied with that. I really did put a lot of effort this time.

The best part is that all the misunderstandings have been cleared out. You remember the quarrel between me and Sabrina. Well Andrea met Sabrina at a party. There they sat down and spoke about all that had happened. And in all that conversation they discovered that the one to be blamed was Stella. She was a cheat. She always used to have ill feelings for all of us and she was the one who made Sabrina against us. The same she did with us. How pathetic!

It’s quite weird what people get by making someone against the other. They don’t need to. The thing is that we don’t have enough courage to express our views about each other and we end up doing these absurd things. I know I won’t be able to change her mind but seriously I have pity on her. She did wrong and now she has to face the consequence.

Life is full of these things. I know there is more to come. And more over the fate is inevitable. I once analyzed that three people never to trust. They are as follows:

First we have the sugar coated people. They behave too sweet. Stella was one of them. The problem is that we can never determine if the sweetness is genuine or fake. The only way to find is take the risk. We can never tell the consequence without taking a risk

Next are the forever chit chatters. Here also the problem is fake or genuine. But some people talk for pleasure while the others are just gossip machines. They always poke their nose in other’s work.

Next are the teens dying for being the headline. Always want to be on the top. They are not always bad but yes generally they spread rumors to be the one on top.

Maybe my thinking differs from yours. But I thought of this two or three years back. I was really childish then. Time for me to leave. Got to go. I’m leaving you with this funny quote.

“For a plot hatched in hell, don’t expect angels for witnesses.”

Yours lovingly,



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