chapter 12

To anonymous,

My grandparents are coming today. I love being with them. Seriously, I got bored these weeks staying at home alone. I really get amused observing them. Even if they indulge in small quarrels, it looks like two kids fighting for a bar of candy. I love when we all get together.

In my view, a working man enjoying supper with his family is much happier than a wealthy man sitting on his couch with a doctor checking his blood pressure.

Money is not everything in life. In teenage generally most of us study to pass, have a job and buy a Volvo.  But I believe that we should study for knowledge, have a job to fulfill our necessary desires and spare enough time with our families. ‘We should eat to live not live to eat’.

Life is meaningless if you don’t live every moment. ‘A life lived for others is a life lived worthwhile’. Even if by curbing our selfish desires we can spread a smile across somebody’s face, it will give us more joy than driving a BMW.

The biggest gift we ever received from someone is a life in human form from god. It is a debt which we could never pay back. But we can show our gratitude by helping others. ‘Others’ not only implies for our fellow humans, it also implies for animals and plants.

Money cannot buy everything. It cannot buy happiness, trust, love or life. It is just a materialistic joy which won’t last for long. After death we won’t take the crisp bank notes with us but all we’ll take will be sweet and sour memories. So why don’t make these memories so special that even after death we cherish them.

Hope you got my thoughts this time. Here’s another quote, “While money doesn’t buy love, it puts you in a great bargaining position.”

It’s time for me to go. Wait for my next letter.

Yours lovingly,



2 Responses to “chapter 12”

  1. vineeta srivastava October 30, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    love, trust,respect are true treasures………..

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