chapter 2

I had to miss school today. I am burning with fever. I hate it, really. I have my exams after a month; the teacher would be teaching and completing the course while I’m lying on the bed not knowing what to do. On top of it I will miss the activity, you know I love activity. Three consecutive periods with nothing to do but talk. Right now I’m listening to Enrique.

When I get bored, especially at times like this, I start either imagining things or being philosophical. Strange, isn’t it? Right now I’m thinking why we want to live

Life is difficult for everyone. There is no person who has everything. It’s not that we are greedy but we always desire for more. We realize what we had when we lose it and know that it would never return. Even if we have all that we need, even though we don’t wish for anything more but still there is a time in everyone’s life when we feel that life is meaningless, tedious and complicated but death is pure, simple and calm. We all our sent down for a purpose but many of us fail to realize our destiny and call life meaningless. I don’t know what my purpose is but all I know is that I will get to find my purpose. Until then I will live, live to find my destiny, live for the people who will be there when I’ll fall, so as to pick them up if they trip…

Still I have to admit that life is difficult. We have tears, joy, sorrow, concern, love, hate, excitement….so many phases one after another. We know that this is the story of every person but we believe ours is the most complicated. Why do things become comprehensible as we enter teenage? People change or I should say that their thinking change or is it that we have a new way to look at things. We despise some people but adore the others.

My dad is out of station. He has been transferred for a few months. He visits us on weekends but when he heard that I am down he said that if I don’t get well soon he’ll come back. I know I will get well soon. My fever goes up to 104 f and comes down to 102 f. I know that’s not a good sign but still I’m anticipating for good. My family loves me a lot. It is clear from this day. They all are so worried about me. Seeing that worry on their face gives me a purpose to live.

Sorry if had bored you. I’ll write you soon. Wait for my next letter.

Yours Lovingly,




2 Responses to “chapter 2”

  1. neha October 3, 2011 at 6:33 am #

    people say that we learn nothing from history but it appears u have learnt a lot from some bitter moments of ur life . good to see that u love , care and respect ur family so much .dpn’t ever stop this feeling of urs , they will always stand by u in ur ups and downs . Well must say u have expressed ur views beautifully. take care.

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